We live in a world of light. To be more specific, we live in the light half of the world. Due to some astronomical and magical anomaly that has conveniently never been explained, one half of the world has been purged in eternal darkness. Nobody ventures there, for it is evil’s domain. It is then expected that the world of light would live without troubles right? Wrong. At one point the creatures may have lived in peace, but the human empire has made sure to rectify this. The humans have been systematically attacking and destroying every major city within the reach of their armies. In this world a group of creatures who have all felt the wrath of the human’s violence and hatred have come together. This group has no intention of saving lives or getting involved in war, they merely wish to hunt for riches, but destiny has different plans. This group has been thrust into the most challenging of situations, fighting their way through armies and harsh terrain the party is informed that they are expected to collect the gods. Only guided by a vague hint as to their task, the party continues forward into the unknown.

To Collect the gods