Feyeira Llewellyn is a young druid, but she is wise for her age. She finds her knowledge and strength in her passionate love for her companion and home.


Her father, a notable elf druid named Heian Llewellyn, saved her human mother from a caravan during a raid. Feyeira grew up watching the elves in the raiding party mock her mother, and came to admire her mother’s human resilience. However, a traditional and ancient hatred for humans and their invasion of her territory festered within her. This motivated Feyeira to seek training as a druid so she could join her father in attacking those who would disturb the peace of her beloved forest.

When Feyeira was still a child, the raiding party brought in a half-elf refugee. His name was Azulai Fenrisian, and he quickly became the most important thing in Feyeira’s life—her chosen companion. She pledged herself to studying the art of healing so that she could fulfill her vow to protect Azulai. Because she was not skilled in fighting, Feyeira would have died many times over without the protection of his faithful swords.

When they reached adolescence, another half-elf of the same age joined the group. His name was Vincent Galanodel, and he, like Feyeira, followed the druidic path. Unlike her, he had been borne into a human society, and entrusted with deceptive missions to undermine the anti-human efforts until he became disgusted with their means and sought an allegiance with the other side. She didn’t trust him, but he was assigned to work with her. Within their druidic order, rules were followed loosely, so Feyeira did what she could to avoid Vincent when possible.

During a patrol, Feyeira, Vincent, and Azulai came across a human caravan that had ventured into the forest undetected. Rather than wait to report this to their elders, the three youths sprang forward in an uncoordinated assault. They underestimated the humans’ numbers and strength, and were quickly repelled and pursued by a few. They should have had the advantage in this game, but they had never experienced such a lack of control, and it weakened their judgment. Vincent tried to lead them to safety, but they found themselves stopped at the edge of a cliff overlooking the expansive desert to the Southeast of their forest. Only a few of the humans were chasing them at this point, so they stood their ground and slew most of them. When the fighting ended, the three half-elves appeared victorious. Azulai stepped near the edge of the cliff to retrieve his sword—he had a habit of throwing his swords in overzealousness when fighting humans—and one of the soldiers they thought was dead grabbed him by the ankle and pushed him over the edge of the cliff. The soldier didn’t relinquish his grasp on Azulai, so Vincent was able to grab them in an attempt to save Azulai from falling to his death. However, before Feyeira could rush over to help her struggling companions, the human kicked Vincent, who let Azulai and the human presumably fall to their deaths. In a fit of rage, Feyeira tried to push Vincent over the cliff himself, and she blamed him for letting Azulai fall. Feyeira claimed that Vincent let Azulai fall on purpose so that he could claim her as his own, and declared that she wouldn’t remain in the forest any longer without her closest companion.

Feyeira knew nothing of the world outside of the Forest of Frey until she and Azulai were separated. Without sending word to her father or any of the other druids in their order, Feyeira fled from the forest into the lonely desert. She refused to speak to Vincent when he pursued her, and he eventually returned to the Forest of Fray. Feyeira felt that her strength was her knowledge of the forest, and her motivation to protect the one she loved. She saw her self-imposed exile as a complete removal of that strength and comfort, and the beginning of an entirely new stage in her life. Unused to the climate of the desert and without direction or purpose, Feyeira wandered alone until she ran into a band of adventurers struggling with a pack of gnolls…


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