Kthunk is a Half-Orc Barbarian that found his way to the party in the desert crypt. He is the powerhouse of the team as his damage is much higher than those of his fellow close ranged companions. Kthunk has low health for a barbarian, and because of this he has become rather timid in combat. Due to his absolute hatred of humans, he chose to never learn common.


Kthunk was the result of an unlikely romance between an Orcish man and a Human woman. When Kthunk was young his parents hut was attacked by human raiders. Kthunk watched in a mixture of horror and awe as his father Kadeath, the famed Frenzied Bezerker, proceeded to slaughter half the army before being taken down by the human forces. Kthunk’s mother persuaded the humans away from killing Kthunk by suggesting they take him as a slave, and so began his life of suffering. In his slavery, Kthunk learned to hate the Humans and decided to act against his holders. He refused any attempt to make him learn how to speak their language. In his slavery Kthunk had the opportunity to train his strength, moving heavy objects and lifting heavy things. The humans began to trust him with more and more difficult tasks until one day they asked him to put away the seige weapons. Killing his slave-watcher with the ballista and breaking through the wall with the battering ram Kthunk made his escape into the wild. The first place he ran to was his old home, left dormant by the humans after all these years. He found his father’s rotting corpse and went over to his mighty axe. After nearly dislocating his arm in an attempt to lift the Axe, he went over to his Father’s greatsword. He lifted the greatsword after some effort, and for the first time noticed the engraving along the blade. In Orcish the words read “Stand tall ‘till the end.” In digging around his old house, he found a goblin-made pendant in the corner. On the back was inscribed (in orc) “Have a wonderful time with your human wife. I wouldn’t be able to handle the smell myself. Your friend, Rez” Kthunk took this pendant and ventured off into the forest. After about a week of no food and no water, Kthunk found a group of goblin hunters. They began trying to talk to him, but to no avail. In confusion Kthunk raised the pendant into the air and said “Rez.” The hunters were startled by this, but they brought him back to their camp. Rez was surprised with the return of the hunters bearing not food, but a young lost and confused half-orc weilding a sword that was much to large for him. Rez instantly recognized the sword, and was saddened by the loss of his old friend. He began raising and training Kthunk to be a great barbarian like his father.

Many many years later, Kthunk stepped out of his tent. Standing tall and wielding his father’s greatsword he took a long breath of the fresh forest air. This was the day he would finally leave the goblin camp. With his father’s greatsword and an amulet of health with “Don’t be as foolish as your thick-headed father -Rez” inscribed on the back, Keth began his journey toward the Desert with the intention of finding an anti-human stronghold and joining in the fight. Upon arriving at the desert, he saw an army of humans. He found a place nearby and listened to what was happening. While he couldn’t understand them he did keep picking up one word that the humans clerics used often: “Demons!” The army then marched off in a different direction. He followed this army for a while, debating whether it was worth the risk to attack them, but then decided to head back the way that he had come. Returning a few days later to where he found the army, he began walking down the path. He very quickly stopped as he discovered a large expanse of space covered with the debris of dead bodies. He examined some of the bodies to find a curious amount of different injuries. Some had large gashes made by axes and swords, some had arrows sticking out of them, some had just been bluntly beaten to death. The most abundant though were corpses that seemed like somebody had merely set them on fire. Kthunk suddenly realized that the only group that could have done this is a very large and well organized anti-human army. Eager to join he rushed forward hoping to find this incredible army. A day or so later he instead found a desert crypt. Mostly fueled by his endless curiosity, he thought “Well they could be taking shelter here” and wandered in. He walked in to discover dead bodies all along the ground. He followed this trail deep into the dungeon, going past very large and deadly creatures. He eventually came walking into an empty room. From the room across from his he could here the sound of yelling and fighting. In excitement he began charging across the room to see what was going on, only to run into something very hard and very invisible. Whatever the thing was it turned and let out a very loud scream. With a rush of adrenaline and excitement for battle Kthunk began to do combat with the creature, which chose to instead throw him through the door that he was running toward. With a very loud crack the door easily gave way and Kthunk plowed into whatever was on the other side. Kthunk looked up to see a small hafling seemingly explode with glitter. Blinded by the glitter, Kthunk charged forward and got back in battle with the invisible creature. After a long battle and taking a large beating from the creature Kthunk collapsed. He soon woke up to see two females looking down at him, one was a half-elf, and the other was a startlingly beautiful gnome. Kthunk stared at the gnome thinking “Odd… I figured the angels would be Orcs.” He stood up to realize that he was still in the crypt. He looked around at the odd group of creatures standing around him and thought “There is no way these guys are the army that have been killing at these creatures.” They all started talking at him in common to which he responded in Orcish “I have absolutely no idea what you are all saying.” With this, the dwarf in full plate stepped confidently up to him and said “Hey, we aren’t going to hurt you. We are adventurers. Want to travel with us?” And that was how Kthunk joined the party.

Kthunk enjoys throwing rocks and hunting for rabbits, as he and the goblins used to have competitions in those things. The only thing that Kthunk really doesn’t like are people who make stupid choices. After seeing his father’s death from foolishly attacking an entire army, he feels that people should try to be more careful with how they fight.

Kthunk is good friends with Bazthen since he speaks his language. He finds that he enjoys the company of Kraskgnaugh, if only because of his strange and fun way of living life.


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